Banner Advertisements for Jonar

I designed a series of banner advertisements for the marketing of Paragon ERP. These display ads were then displayed using Google AdWords.


  • The look and feel of the banner ads had to match the branding of Jonar, the company that makes Paragon ERP.
  • The ads had to conform with sizes and resolutions set by Google AdWords.
  • The ads had to stand out and be highly compelling.

Process and prototyping

I started by first reading up on the best practices for display advertisements. I found empirical evidence for the following features improving conversion rates: 

  • Clear call-to-action (such as a button linking to the website)
  • Bold colors, which help ads stick out from their display location
  • Simple taglines. Too much text led to lower conversion rates.
  • Once I had an idea of what design elements work best online (clear call-to-action, bold colors, simple taglines etc.), I worked with the marketing team to choose some text and imagery.

Then, I drew some sketches on pencil and paper. I worked with the great marketing team to choose some appropriate imagery and slogans. 

 The best ones were rendered into high fidelity images with Sketch. Once the advertisements were online, we continually tested variations in order to optimize their conversion rates. Bloom Search Marketing assisted in the day-to-day management of the AdWords account. 

Designs (more ads can be seen at Adbeat, a repository of online banner ads)