Intact Financial Corporation & Belairdirect


I worked at Intact Financial Corporation and it’s various insurance brands for a year, during which I worked on a range of products, some reaching millions of Canadians. I did some UX Design, and a significant amount of user research. This included usability evaluations, customer interviews, A/B testing among other techniques. 

Unfortunately, most of this research relates to projects currently under development, so as of April 2020 I can’t post further details online. 

Project types 

Billing system 

  • I was the lead designer on a new billing system for the web portal and application, to be deployed for millions of customers. 
  • To design the new system, I consulted with current customers, subject-matter experts, developers, and product owners among others. 
  • Usability testing, A/B testing and analytics were heavily employed to redesign the billing system.
The billing system was redesigned to include more complex payment schedules, and a better experience on mobile devices.

Added value

  • I was one of 2 researchers on an added value project. This involved looking for ways we could help our customers beyond ‘the basics’. 
  • We conducted phone interviews and applied a content analysis approach to determine what people were most interested in. 
  • Our research ended up uncovering both new things we could offer our customers, as well as opportunities to fix existing services.
  • The project concluded with a hackathon that developed several of the new features, allowing us to deliver more to our customers.

Other projects  

  • Various landing page designs and optimizations. 
  • Various changes to the Android and iOS applications. 
  • Suggested improvements to CRM platform for call agents, based on shadowing. 
I worked on various pages of the website and client experience.