6 hour Shopify design challenge

I decided to do a design challenge published by Shopify. The challenge was to design a digital service that helps people make better environmental decisions, all within one evening.

For example, it could be an application that tracks the water usage of a small farm. Or, it could be a service that informs visitors about CO2 emissions.


  • It could be a website or a mobile application.
  • It had to help people make better choices in terms of the environment.
  • It can be as narrowly or as broadly targeted as desired.
  • The challenge should be completed in about 4 hours.

Process and prototyping

Plastic bags were recently banned in Montreal, so I decided to make an application that could help people in other cities with this issue.

I designed the service as an application that lets users track how many plastic bags they use, and provides statistics and incentives to use fewer bags. I started with a few rough sketches on paper, and tested the concept with some friends. After a few design tweaks I moved on to high fidelity designs for the application.

Designs (click for higher resolutions)