UX in the wild

Here’s a fantastic (and hilarious) example of bad user experience design in the wild. Watch the video, and if you’re interested in my analysis, read on below. Some thoughts Note – The timestamps link to the original video, not the embedded one on this page. Couldn’t make the timestamps work on the page. Sorry about … Read more

On flow

Recently the concept of flow has become much more popular. It’s no longer buried in psychology journals – it’s in TED talks, the news, and office conversations. Part of this popularity is wrapped up in the idea that in order to be better at things, we should spend more time in ‘flow states’. Over time, … Read more

Why using “human language” won’t solve all UX problems.

?PC load letter? What the fuck does that mean?? – Micheal Bolton, Office Space There are few things more infuriating than seeing a message like ?PC LOAD LETTER?. It?s practically an affront to hundreds of thousands of years of human communication. Generation after generation, humans have developed complex, nuanced ways to interact with each other, … Read more